Hegen Canada

Hegen PCTO™ Wonder Blue Collection

$109.99 $149.99


  • 1 unit of 11oz Straw Cup in Blue
  • 1 unit of 8oz Baby Bottle in Blue with Fast Flow Nipples
  • 1 unit of 5oz Food Storage Converter in Blue
  • 1 unit of 5oz Breast Milk Container in Blue
  • 1 unit of Bottle Brush and Nipple Cleaner in Blue, and 8pc of Origami Paper
  • Dive into the sea of aquatic wonder with us as we explore the parental bonds of marine animals with this gift box dressed in the all-new blue color.
  • The Wonder Blue Collection celebrates Moms and Dads for their unconditional love and care while building a strong bond with their little ones.
  • Included in the gift set is a pack of origami paper that allows you to trigger the imagination of your little ones while developing their fine motor skills by bringing the origami creatures to life through a fun-filled paper folding session!
  • The gift set includes different bottle sizes and accessories to meet your needs for every occasion.

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