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Hegen x Nest Designs Blossom Bunny Bundle

$179.99 $201.99

🌸 Step into Spring with our Enchanting Blossom Bunny Bundle! 🌸

As the air fills with the promise of new beginnings, we invite you to celebrate the arrival of spring with our enchanting Blossom Bunny Bundle. This delightful pairing captures the essence of the season with a touch of floral elegance and cozy companionship.

What’s Blooming in the Bundle:

1. Hegen PCTO™ Floral Collection Gift Set (Original Price: $169)

* As children grow and reach new milestones, it's a wonderful occasion to celebrate their growth and development, just like the blossoming of flowers marks a new season
* Crafted from premium PPSU material, they are as resilient as springtime blossoms
* Also debuting in this collection is the Hegen PCTO™ All-Rounder Cup PPSU in purple, a limited edition colour & size exclusively available only in this set

* The set includes:

* 1 x Hegen PCTO™ 330ml/11oz Feeding Bottle PPSU (Blue) with fast flow teat (for 6m+)
* 1 x Hegen PCTO™ 330ml/11oz All-Rounder Cup PPSU (Purple) [Limited edition color and size]
* 1 x Hegen PCTO™ 330ml/11oz Drinking Bottle PPSU (Pink)
* The PCTO™ system lets you Press-to-Close and Twist-to-Open™, saving parents precious time to clean and make your baby’s bottles
* This beautiful collection is specially curated to celebrate the new milestones little ones achieve as they approach their one-year mark
* Comes in a beautiful purple gift box and tied with a lush, silver ribbon bow

2. Nest Designs Hugz Bunny: The Tortoise & The Hare (Original Price: $32)

* Meet Hugz Bunny, your bubs’ new snuggly friend. Hugz Bunny has big, fluffy ears and a plushy soft body to give your bubs all the hugs to come
* This little bunny is just the right size to be a trusted sidekick, small enough to carry around even for toddlers. Tiny but mighty, this bunny loves exploring, going on adventures, and eating snacks together
* Inspired by Aesops’ popular tale, The Tortoise & The Hare, Hugz Bunny proudly wears a beautifully printed bib to tell the story and its’ moral lesson
* Hugz Bunny is easy to hold, easy to love, and easy to tote around wherever the day takes your little one - we’re sure it’ll be your little one’s new bestie!

Why Blossom Bunny?

* Petals and Play: The Blossom Bunny Bundle combines practicality with the magic of spring. It’s not just about feeding; it’s about nurturing growth and wonder
* Floral Whispers: The gentle floral motifs on our bottles whisper stories of blooming gardens and sun-kissed petals
* Springtime Savings: By bundling these treasures, you save 11% or $22 on both items that have previously been sold out
* Limited-Time Blooms: Indulge in the joys of spring with our limited-time offer! Explore the bundle now, whilst stocks last!

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